Badges, Pathways and Success Plans

Posted on December 8, 2017 by David Niguidula

Most schools ask students to think about their goals beyond high school. Whether it’s called a “Personal Learning Plan,” a “Student Success Plan” or an “Individual Learning Plan,” schools want students to consider what they might want to do after graduation – and thus be able to take steps to achieve those goals.

Digital Badges can help students track their progress towards those goals. As part of the success plan, students might be encouraged to select specific badges to complete in order to pursue those goals. For example, a student interested in video game development could look to earn badges in computer programming, art (for the graphics) and writing (for the storytelling).

In Richer Picture, schools can set up Pathways. These can be combinations of badges that students will find useful to pursue different fields. By defining the badges, the school can also set up the specific steps that students can pursue within the school. For example, the student could use a course mapper to determine which classes will be most useful for completing the pathway. The school could also set up requirements for the badges that include both in- and out-of-school experiences.

We’ll be talking about this topic in more detail in our  webinar next Thursday, December 14, 2017, at 3:00 pm Eastern . We hope you can join us!

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