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Build Your Career

It is easy to get lost in the daily grind of your job that you forget the essence of your profession. Richer Picture provides a platform that lets you go beyond just doing your job to actually building a fulfilling career. Your professional portfolio will help you build a database of your best work. and will help you showcase how you are meeting state standards.

Beyond just meeting your professional obligations. your portfolio will inspire you to add value to your teaching that goes beyond just the task We work hard to build a platform that will inspire you to capture the very essence of education. We help you become an effective change agent More so, your digital portfolio will help ensure that none of your important accomplishments will be left unrecorded or unappreciated.

Your portfolio will allow you to upload artifacts like lesson plans. curriculum maps. assessment and rubrics. and parent outreach. Each artifact can be duly linked to your school's standards, the state's teacher evaluation system. and your own personal goals.