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Assessing Competencies and Standards: How Do we Decide What

How good is ''good enough''? This workshop will look at two key techniques for improving your assessment. First, we will look at schoolwide rubrics, and how your school can use them across classes. This can help ensure that students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate your competencies. Second, we'll participate in a *calibration* exercise, where groups of educators work together to score sample student work. Calibration helps make sure that your rubrics are effective, and creates more consistent scoring across all faculty.

Richer Picture workshops can be provided on-site or blended (on-site and online).

All workshops can be offered as half-day introductions or full-day in-depth sessions. Our PD sessions are interactive and system agnostic. Workshops can be customized to help implement and complement your school's and district's initiatives. Additional support such as school coaching is also available to guide your faculty as they go through each step.

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